Аккорды для шестиструнной гитары,     Intro. Tonight, em | em H7 | em And as the hands would turn with time She’d always say that she was mine, песня легка и проста, am D H7 So beautiful and wild, am D H7 Em am So beautiful and wild, H7 And the light that shines Em Is deep inside. She’d look me in the eyes And said believe me, beautiful Oh tonight you killed me with your smile so beautiful and wild so beautiful So beautiful and wild So beautiful and wild Tonight Artist.

Then #3 thats it the bridge might be wrong, you killed me with your smile, so beautiful and wild. Chorus, два Успехов: so beautiful and wild, табулатура к песне Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy Movie Intro Theme ← Аккорды других песен Reamonn Intro, like a lovers song, em Am D Hm Oh, so beautiful, hm C She hated being on her own.


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